I Hit Hard

I Hit Hard is a high-quality platform that demands that women* martial artists be heard, where our stories, experiences and battles are told and shared with dignity, justice and love.

I Hit Hard is born from the collective frustrations of those who are tired of women in martial arts being invisiblised, misrepresented, hyper-sexualised and patronised by the media and fellow male martial artists and fans.

Women Hit Hard, Roll Hard and Fight Hard.


My name is Ananya, and I’m a 25 year old martial arts practitioner and enthusiast based in London. I practice Bushin, MMA and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and like most martial artists, I like to watch fights and tournaments across the martial arts I’m interested in.

I grew up with a dad who was a complete martial arts nerd, and was ushered into a Kung Fu class at the age of 8. At 16 I trained in Japanese Jiu Jitsu on the Isle of Wight, but was traumatised by the older men in my class who sexualised me. Having taken the steps to reignite my interest in martial arts on my own terms, I’ve found enduring sisterhood amongst other female fighters and a physical and mental empowerment that has transformed me as a person and as a martial artist.

*I Hit Hard uses the terms ‘women’/ ‘woman’ to encompass anyone who identifies as such