Hard Hitters, Rollers, and Wrestlers Unite!

I can’t tell you how nerve-wrackingly exciting it is to put finger-to-keyboard and write my first post for I Hit Hard. I Hit Hard has been a few months in the making now, but I’ve admittedly shied away from writing any content on the website up till this point.

It makes sense to take this as an opportunity to give some context to the concept of I Hit Hard beyond the mission statement on the About page.

‘I Hit Hard’ as a statement has a breadth of history behind it. The point of using the statement ‘I Hit Hard’ is that it embodies not just my history, but the experiences, emotions, and journeys of hundreds of thousands of women martial artists who have been fighting for recognition and respect within the martial arts community. ‘I Hit Hard’ is pride in knowing that we have worked hard to fight hard – we are capable, powerful, strong and enough in our own rights.

Women are hard fighters, and our fights are hard-won – we have had to spend countless hours claiming space for ourselves; shifting mountains to prove that we deserve the space, time and respect that is automatically offered to men.

It’s hard to shift people, let alone narratives about people, but I am adamant that laying claim to our narratives – women’s narratives – within the fighting world, is a giant step in the right direction and a necessary continuation of the fierce assertions made by women martial artists:

We are here, we are fierce, we hit hard, we roll hard, we fight hard and we will not be silenced or ignored.

And that’s where I Hit Hard comes in. I hope it to be a platform where women martial artists can be the writers and producers of content relating to martial arts, whether that be fight analysis on the latest UFC women’s fight, or an interview with a BJJ woman black belt – I Hit Hard is by women, about women, for anyone who wants to understand our stories.

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I Hit Hard

I Hit Hard is a high-quality platform that demands that women martial artists be heard, where our stories, experiences and battles are told and shared with dignity, justice and love.

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